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Wally's Carpet Cleaning

Wally's Carpet Cleaning

Phone: 1300 134 104


Business Type / Category:  Carpet & Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Products / Services:    Carpet Cleaning - Commercial & Domestic
                                    Real Estate Carpet & Upholstery Steam Cleaning
                                    Leather Cleaning
                                    Rug Cleaning
                                    Car Cleaning
                                    Leather Lounge Cleaning
                                    Water Flood Damage Restoration
                                    Boat Cleaning
                                    Mattress Cleaning

Areas Covered:    Sydney - All Areas

Competitive Advantage:

Always on time, always available at any time of the day to provide quality work

We work wholeheartedly with customer satisfaction in mind 100% of the time, near enough isn’t good enough. We understand that we are a guest in your home, so we treat your home with the care and respect that will welcome us back. When our technician leaves your house, you will feel the increased cleanliness freshness and comfort that only Wally’s Carpet cleaning provides

Most carpet cleaners use portable cleaners. We use only the best in machinery. We use the latest truck mounted machine, which generates its own power. It removes 97% of stubborn stains compared to the portable machinery, removing 65% of stains. With the engine generated steamy water it also kills bacteria, reducing drying time and making the carpets fresh and ready for use in hours

We believe we have no direct competition in our service to the community, but there are alternatives to our service. This includes company’s which offer janitorial or maintenance services with carpet and upholstery cleaning added on and the larger cleaning franchised chains. The difference between the service Wally’s Carpet Cleaning offers and the rest is the quality and personalised services we deliver

We guarantee our work

◦Public Liability up to $10 million
◦NSW Worker's Compensation
◦Occupational Health & Safety

Wally's Carpet Cleaning Van

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Phone: 1300 134 104