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Olga Kot Hypnotherapy

6/153 Pacific Highway, Hornsby, Sydney, N.S.W., 2077

Phone: (02) 9441 2381


Business Type / Category:  Clinical Hypnotherapy
                                            Health - Natural & Alternative

Products / Services:  You  too can ‘feel on top of the world’ using self help, relaxation and counselling based on  Hypnotherapy

Areas Covered:  Health and stress management
                          Pain control
                          Improve confidence, concentration, recall, motivation, achievement, focus
                          Overcome addictions
                          Eating disorders
                          Fears and phobias
                          Negative thought, emotional and behaviour patterns
                          Utilisation of your full potential at work, sports, art or being creative

Competitive Advantage:

I am a graduate from Australia's first Government accredited Hypnotherapist training institution -

I am a clinical member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association

I have provider numbers from health funds, so you can claim therapy - talk to me about your fund

I am Qualified in:

                        Hypnoanalytical Techniques
                        Teaching Self Hypnosis
                        Adjunctive Therapeutic Modes
                        Medical Sciences in Hypnotherapy (includes Psychopharmacology)
                        Psychology in Clinical Hypnotherapy
                        Hypnotheraputic Applications
                        Transactional Analysis

Some of the topics these modules include are:

                        Therapeutic Strategy
                        Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Call to arrange an appointment now

Phone: (02) 9441 2381